Survey: Most customers prefer female chauffeurs

2015-09-10 07:52:48

Although there is a widely held sexist view that women are naturally bad drivers, a new survey shows that most people prefer a woman behind the wheel of a chauffeured car they've hired.

125,000 Party members punished for flouting rules, taking bribes

2015-09-10 07:52:19

The top anti-graft body announced that about 125,000 members of the Communist Party of China had been disciplined for breaking austerity rules and taking bribes between late 2012 and the end of July.

Tribunals' IP rights caseload continues to spike

2015-09-10 07:52:19

China's top court has taken actions to alleviate burdens brought by a boom of cases in three intellectual property tribunals, a move to ensure work efficiency and improve legal credibility.

Microblogger goes on trial for running a gambling house

2015-09-10 10:08:20

Guo Meimei, a Chinese microblogger who was charged with operating a gambling house, went on trial at Beijing Dongcheng District People's court.

Tight pollution controls affect major industries

2015-09-10 07:52:48

Heavy industry in Tangshan, Hebei province, has been hit by efforts to control air pollution, with the value of its output dropping by 35.3 billion yuan ($5.5 billion) in the past two years, according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Tianjin announces pensions for martyred firefighters' families

2015-09-10 08:09:22

Families of the firefighters who died while trying to save lives in the Tianjin blasts will be granted 2.3 million yuan ($360,669) pensions.

TCM tonic herb 'can kill HIV', study finds

2015-09-10 06:49:55

The sex-booster herb Schisandraceae, widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for 2,000 years, has shown promise in treating HIV/AIDS.

Premier Li commends nation's teachers

2015-09-09 06:38:00

Premier Li commended the China's 15 million teachers for contributing to China's development, two days before the National Teachers' Day.

4 prisoners are released in amnesty

2015-09-09 08:03:43

Official says move is 'just a beginning'; convicts who committed serious crimes will not be freed

Helicopter fleets to double

2015-09-09 06:54:28

Police authorities across China will double the size of their helicopter fleets within five years, according to a police aviation official.

Online mediation makes court debut in Shanghai

2015-09-09 07:22:48

The first online pre-litigation mediation platform in Shanghai was put into use by a district court on Tuesday, partly in response to a rising number of civil cases involving a foreign party.

China air force to open to public

2015-09-09 06:28:33

China's air force will hold a series of events and exhibitions for the public starting on Thursday, a spokesperson said Tuesday in northeast China's Changchun City.