Shanghai youth's sex education insufficient

2014-11-21 15:23:29

The study was conducted by experts at public health schools of the city's universities, with the goal of determining young people's knowledge of reproductive health.

Chinese supercomputer still top-ranked

2014-11-21 15:23:29

Tianhe-2, a supercomputer developed by China's National University of Defense Technology, was named the world's top supercomputer for the fourth consecutive time by the TOP500 organization.

No rush for 10-year US visas

2014-11-21 14:55:49

About 1,000 citizens had received 10-year visas from the US Consulate General in Chengdu by Tuesday, after the United States and China extended the validity of visas to each other's country a week earlier.

Four regions to scrap urban-rural 'hukou' distinction

2014-11-21 14:19:58

Four Chinese provincial regions have removed the rural/urban distinction in the household registration system, making things fairer for residents.

6,118 Chinese websites under thumb of US

2014-11-21 14:06:43

Among the hacked websites in the first half of this year in China, 48.8 percent were under the thumb of overseas IP addresses, an official said.

Fewer Chinese take US grad-school test at home

2014-11-21 07:37:17

The number of students who took the US Graduate Record Examination in China in the 2013-14 academic year was 7 percent less than it was in the previous year, a new report has revealed.

Authorities clean up terrorism info online

2014-11-21 07:37:17

Online information related to terrorism has dropped sharply since the nation's crackdown began early this year, a senior public security official said at the World Internet Conference on Thursday.

Inner Mongolia court OKs retrial in 1996 rape, murder

2014-11-21 07:37:17

The highest court in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region decided on Thursday to retry a controversial rape and murder case 18 years after the defendant was executed.

New standards set for air purifiers

2014-11-21 07:37:17

A new national standard for air purifiers is set to be unveiled by authorities on Friday to bring order to the country's chaotic purifier market.

Consumers seeking protection from pollution

2014-11-21 07:36:47

Constantly frustrated with hazardous air quality, more Chinese consumers are turning to products aimed at protecting their health.

China wants its voice heard in cyberspace

2014-11-21 06:20:26

China is considering setting up its own rules in cyberspace in order to have its voice better heard in the fast growing Internet sphere.

New Zealand welcomes Xi

2014-11-21 05:26:42

Xi Jinping was greeted in Wellington with a traditional Maori welcome and was presented with an All Blacks rugby union jersey bearing the lucky number 8.