Improvements necessary to accommodate aging population

2015-05-07 07:42:49

Building better facilities for the elderly and applying high standards of care will be critical as China deals with an increasingly old population, according to an official of the International Federation on Ageing.

UNESCO-listed Buddhist statue restored in SW China

2015-05-07 09:45:28

project restoring a UNESCO-listed Buddhist statue in Southwest China finished on Wednesday, meaning it will soon go back on show to the public after seven years of restricted access.

Standards rising for elderly healthcare

2015-05-07 07:42:49

China will explore the use of the Internet, cloud computing and big data to transform care for the aged and further boost the use of e-commerce among seniors, according to Zou Ming, vice-minister of civil affairs.

Sichuan to try quake insurance program

2015-05-07 07:43:20

Fu Mingquan, a resident of Longmen, Sichuan province, was glad to learn that earthquake insurance covering houses would be available on a trial basis in areas prone to quakes.

Shanghai grounds helicopter trips after complaints over noise

2015-05-07 07:37:09

Shanghai's first low-altitude helicopter sightseeing service proved a hit with tourists but a headache for many residents, and has now been suspended by the authorities.

China 'willing' to seek EU investment treaty

2015-05-07 07:42:49

Premier calls for pressing forward negotiations in meeting with visiting high representative

China seeks cooperation with India for sea mining

2015-05-07 07:24:42

With increasing mineral exploration in the Indian Ocean, China is eager to cooperate with India on deep seabed mining.

China lifts price control on most medicines

2015-05-06 09:46:21

China will lift price controls on most medicines starting from June 1, the country's economic planner said on Tuesday.

Satellites help detect secondary disasters

2015-05-06 07:53:01

A disaster relief group formed by scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences has spotted a number of serious secondary disasters in Nepal, which was hit by a devastating earthquake in late April.

Victory events 'serve as valuable reminder'

2015-05-06 07:20:03

Seven decades after the end of World War II, China and Russia have more "responsibility and capability" to jointly uphold the outcome of their victory with the international community, a senior diplomat said on Tuesday.

Storm triggers air and road chaos in Guangzhou

2015-05-06 07:17:39

Road and air traffic came to a standstill in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, on Monday when the city was hit by its first severe rainstorm of the year.

Smartphone mania drives families apart

2015-05-06 05:52:04

People should switch off their smartphones for an hour every day to prevent the use of mobile apps from eroding family ties and restricting direct communication between people.