Ministry to ban sharing, selling of others' telephone numbers

2014-11-05 10:45:40

Chinese authorities have released a regulation draft that would forbid any individual or organization to sell, share, or exchange others' telephone numbers collected by any means, according to the State Council Legal Affairs Office website.

Sports field in anti-corruption spotlight

2014-11-05 08:09:08

With the shadow of match-fixing scandals lingering over Chinese soccer, an anti-graft campaign is targeting the country's top sports body.

US FDA will send more inspectors to China office

2014-11-05 07:44:50

The US food safety authority will dispatch more inspectors to help ensure the quality of exports, making its China office the largest one overseas.

Survey shows young savers value security above return

2014-11-05 07:44:33

Young Chinese are still more likely to put their money into straightforward savings accounts than any other form of investment product.

Alibaba Q2 revenue surges

2014-11-04 22:09:21

Alibaba's overall revenue surges 54 percent to $2.74 billion in the second quarter, says the Internet behemoth in its first quarterly report as a publicly listed company.

IPR courts given speedy go-ahead in three regions

2014-11-04 07:51:06

China's top court has accelerated the process of setting up intellectual property rights courts to handle disputes in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong province before the end of the year.

E-commerce doubles up at meeting

2014-11-04 07:51:06

I was right in guessing that there would be a big name from e-commerce at Monday's meeting to advise the premier on next year's economy, but I didn't expect there would be two.

East China likely to handle Ebola transfer cases

2014-11-04 07:51:06

Designated medical institutions in East China will probably take care of Chinese Ebola patients transferred from West Africa, given their relatively high capacity in public health and medical treatment, said a senior emergency response official.

Construction sites work on despite ban

2014-11-04 07:51:37

Dust pollution is still a big threat to Beijing's air quality as 16 concrete mixing plants and construction sites were still working on Monday despite the ban by the capital's government during the APEC meetings.

Derung highway paves way to outside world

2014-11-04 07:51:37

A highway was opened in Yunnan province on Monday, linking the home of the country's smallest ethnic group to the outside world.

Historic island looks for global recognition

2014-11-04 07:51:37

During a recent business trip to Xiamen, Cai Zhenzhen cringed at the thought of visiting Gulangyu Island, a tourist magnet near the city.

New agency to strengthen graft fightus

2014-11-04 07:50:24

China will set up a new anti-graft authority under the Supreme People's Procuratorate to streamline the campaign to fight corruption, Deputy Procurator-General Qiu Xueqiang said on Monday.