China 2014 exports rise 6.1%, imports up 0.4%

2015-01-13 11:15:36

China's exports rose 6.1 percent year on year in 2014, while imports increased 0.4 percent, customs data revealed on Tuesday.

A four-hour commute - on a good day

2015-01-13 10:38:36

It"s 6:30 am in Yanjiao, around 40 km east of Beijing, and vehicles bound for the capital leave every few minutes, each departing with a full load.

City uses joint bid for Winter Games to halt downhill slide

2015-01-13 08:37:16

Zhangjiakou is using the opportunities created by its joint bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics to kick-start its economy and reshape it along greener lines after a long period of slow growth.

Chongli aims for the peak in skiing

2015-01-13 08:37:16

A little-known neighbor of Beijing's is using the opportunities created by its joint bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics to kick-start its economy and reshape a green future.

Remembering maritime heroes from abroad

2015-01-13 08:37:16

Philo Norton McGiffin, a late 19th century naval officer from the United States, was buried wearing a uniform of imperial China's Beiyang fleet, after he died in 1897.

Officials dine at high-end Bund restaurant

2015-01-13 08:37:10

Officials of Huangpu district government in Shanghai had dinner at a high-end restaurant before joining in a New Year's Eve laser display at a site near the deadly stampede in the district's Bund area, according to a report on Monday by Caixin New Century Weekly.

Bombings stopped in Xinjiang

2015-01-13 08:36:32

Police shot and killed six suspected terrorists, including one who threatened them with an ax while trying unsuccessfully to detonate bombs in a commercial area of Shule county in the southern part of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region at about 10 am on Monday.

Fewer professionals changing jobs

2015-01-13 08:36:32

The proportion of professionals who changed jobs in the past 12 months dropped from 18 to 15 percent in China, reflecting both the slowdown of the economy and employers' efforts to retain talent, according to a recent survey.

Couples slow to apply for 2nd child

2015-01-13 08:36:32

China's relaxation of its one-child birth control policy after three decades has not resulted in a baby boom as officials once feared.

Celebrities speak out for anti-corruption

2015-01-13 07:37:12

China's anti-corruption campaign has won the support and backing of celebrities who are joining the fight to terminate the extravagant behavior of officials.

Suspect relieved to be home

2015-01-13 05:10:53

Wang Guoqiang felt a sense of relief as he stood on Chinese soil after living a fugitive's life in the United States for two years.

Six attackers killed by police in Xinjiang

2015-01-12 15:56:01

Six attackers with explosive devices were killed by police in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Monday morning.