Police continue hunt for child-stabbing suspect

2014-11-01 16:02:57

Police in East China's Jiangxi province believe they have found the trail of a suspect involved in a stabbing case that left two schoolchildren dead and another seriously injured on Friday morning.

China to repair Unit 731 site

2014-11-01 15:53:05

Repair work will begin on the former headquarters of Japan's notorious Unit 731 in Northeast China's Harbin on Wednesday.

China amends law to support citizens suing gov't

2014-11-01 13:14:45

China's top legislature adopted an amendment to the Administrative Procedure Law Saturday, aiming to expand the people's right to sue the government.

China ratifies national Constitution Day

2014-11-01 12:56:14

China's top legislature decided to designate December 4 as national Constitution Day amid efforts to enhance the document's implementation and advance the rule of law.

China passes Counterespionage Law

2014-11-01 11:04:38

The bill specifies espionage's definition: foreign organizations and individuals who conduct espionage activities or who instigate and sponsor others in conducting them will be punished.

China's unmanned lunar orbiter returns home

2014-11-01 09:18:16

China succeeds in the world's first mission to the Moon and back in some 40 years, becoming the third nation to do so after the former Soviet Union and the US.

Top medical scientists urged for more innovation

2014-11-01 03:12:35

Top Chinese medical experts urged for enhanced innovation among the practitioners in medical sector of the nation.

China convicts over 13,000 officials for bribery

2014-10-31 14:15:06

China prosecuted 21,652 officials accused of bribery in the first nine months of the year, with 13,414 of those cases resulting in convictions, the Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) revealed Friday.

Breast cancer a factor in Shanghai's low birth rate: doctor

2014-10-31 14:03:45

Shanghai has the highest incidence of breast cancer in the country, which can be linked to the city's low birth rate, health experts said.

City to study disease-smog link

2014-10-31 14:03:45

Shanghai will become the first city in China to study the relationship between air pollution and respiratory disease.

Data key in battling business corruption

2014-10-31 14:03:45

Chinese companies can use improving forensic data analytics in the fight against corruption, according to recent research by Ernst & Young.

Reclaiming a piece of history

2014-10-31 12:51:43

The beautiful ancient city of Yangzhou has a glorious and glamorous past, but the storied heart of it has fallen to neglect. The mayor asked a team from Texas to help to turn it around, Chris Davis reports from New York.