Cross-border triad operation snares 19,000 crime suspects

2015-09-24 10:07:27

Police have apprehended more than 19,000 suspects in a three-month cross-border anti-triad operation in Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong province.

Xinjiang celebrates Eid al-Adha festival

2015-09-24 13:44:35

The president of the Islamic Association of China said the association will stick to the direction of adapting Islam to Chinese society as the association held a banquet in Beijing to celebrate the Eid al-Adha on Wednesday.

Moon lanterns displayed to mark Mid-autumn Festival

2015-09-24 13:43:46

Workers installs a giant moon lantern in Yangzhou, East China's Jiangsu province, Sept 23, 2015.

Shanghai slaps three-year ban on entertainers caught doing drugs

2015-09-24 11:28:51

Shanghai has announced entertainers caught doing drugs will be banned from all performances for at least three years.

14 students ill after suspected food poisoning in N China

2015-09-24 10:59:55

Fourteen students at a vocational college have fallen ill over suspected food poisoning in Hohhot, capital of northern China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Man writes Chinese calligraphy using kitchenware

2015-09-24 09:44:14

Tu Jianchuan, a 24-year-old chef, writes Chinese calligraphy using a kitchen knife in Chongqing on September 22, 2015. Besides that, Tu also can write with green onions and spoon. He loves Chinese calligraphy since childhood and spent two years on learning the skills.

Pornography crackdown protects children

2015-09-24 09:36:27

The National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications has taken down or confiscated 435,000 illegal websites and books deemed harmful to children in a campaign launched to coincide with the start of the school year in early September.

Wastewater cleaning finished at Tianjin blast site

2015-09-24 09:34:24

Specialists have finished the cleaning of a large amount of wastewater at the site of the fatal warehouse blasts in north China's Tianjin Port, local authorities said on Wednesday.

37 students critical after botched fire drill in NW China

2015-09-24 09:24:52

The number of students in a critical condition rose to 37 after a fire drill went wrong in a high school in Northwest China's Gansu province, local authority said Wednesday.

19 gangs busted under joint operation

2015-09-24 09:24:39

Police in Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macao busted 19 cross-border organized gangs between June and September, public security authorities announced Wednesday.

Three prosecuted for killing panda in SW China

2015-09-24 09:19:41

Three people have been prosecuted for killing a panda and trading its meat in Southwest China's Yunnan province, prosecutors said on Tuesday.

Beijing to add bicycles, crack down on illegal parking

2015-09-24 09:01:24

Authorities are targeting illegal roadside parking in bicycle lanes, and plan to further increase cycling infrastructure by the end of this year.