Plan launched to test compulsory school system

2015-04-15 21:03:10

A plan that will enable the country to evaluate the compulsory education system for the first time was launched on Wednesday, with experts saying it will assist in policymaking and promote quality education across the country.

Beijing blasted by strongest sandstorm in 13 years

2015-04-15 20:50:19

Strong winds brought Beijing its fiercest sandstorm in 13 years on Wednesday with 11 provinces, municipalities and regions in North China affected.

Aquino's "groundless" accusations rejected

2015-04-15 18:30:43

Beijing on Wednesday refuted Philippine President Benigno Aquino III’s “groundless” accusations over the South China Sea, urging the Philippines to respect China's territorial sovereignty.

Police pledge to fight gangs in Guangzhou's townships and villages

2015-04-15 17:09:55

A senior police officer has pledged to fight violent gangs at a grassroots level in Guangdong province.

China denounces Dalai Lama's 'middle way'

2015-04-15 11:16:13

Central government on Wednesday issued a white paper on Tibet, applauding its development path and denouncing the "middle way" advocated by the Dalai Lama.

What are Shenzhen shoppers buying in Hong Kong?

2015-04-15 08:02:11

Shopping in Hong Kong has become such a hot trend among mainlanders that the government has had to move to limit it to ease the inconvenience caused to Hong Kongers.

Hybrid rice varieties face new scrutiny

2015-04-15 06:23:42

China's agricultural authority is set to conduct more comprehensive assessments of hybrid rice varieties following a massive crop failure in Anhui province.

Silk Road Initiative takes new route on TV map

2015-04-14 17:12:29

The South Pacific appears on the latest route map of the Silk Road Initiative released by China's national television company.

Mainland limits HK visits by Shenzhen residents

2015-04-13 14:47:28

Unlimited visits to Hong Kong by residents of Shenzhen, have been restricted to one visit a week per person, Xinhua reported on Monday.

Archaeologists set off for shipwreck excavation in Xisha

2015-04-13 13:57:16

A Chinese archaeological team has embarked on its journey to excavate a shipwreck near Shanhu Island in the Xisha archipelago in the South China Sea, local authorities said on Monday.

Campaign to promote coming anti-smoking measures

2015-04-13 13:56:21

Beijing will roll out strict anti-smoking regulations on June 1, 2015. In a pre-launch campaign for the anti-tabacco measures, which kicked off this past Sunday, officials explained the forthcoming regulations in detail and initiated a series of activities concerning the tobacco control regulations.

Cancer surge in China prompts rise of special patient hotels

2015-04-13 09:36:38

Hotels have sprouted up near hospitals in big cities to give patients an affordable, cozy place to wait for appointments and undergo outpatient treatment.