China-France ties 'benefit all'

2015-07-03 07:52:05

The cooperation between China and France not only benefits the two countries but the entire world, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said during his speech at a France-China economic summit at Toulouse, France, on Thursday.

Parade in Beijing will 'surprise'

2015-07-03 04:23:15

Russian ambassador lauds PLA's May show in Moscow, expects to return favor in September

'Rarest' South China floods leave 100 dead, cause $5.6b loss

2015-07-02 11:51:39

Rain-triggered floods and landslides battering 20 provinces and regions have caused economic loss of $5.6 billion and left at least 108 people dead.

Heavy-goods makers' exports up

2015-07-02 08:17:27

China's national initiative to revive the ancient intercontinental Silk Road trade routes is being welcomed by equipment manufacturers in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

Hong Kong's drive for success is not in question

2015-07-02 07:27:05

My mainland friends and I often engage in intense debates about whether or not Hong Kong has already become marginalized financially.

Xi urges loyalty, devotion from CPC members on anniversary

2015-07-01 19:21:16

President Xi Jinping has called on members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to maintain loyalty and devotion to the Party and the people on the 94th anniversary of CPC's founding.

Highway linking Urumqi-Kashgar opens

2015-07-01 15:51:37

An expressway between Urumqi and Kashgar in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, northwest China, opened Wednesday, the final section of a route that creates a "seamless" north-south connection in the region.

Watchdog bans websites from posting details of bullying cases

2015-07-01 07:36:50

Websites have been barred from posting details of juvenile bullying cases in an effort to prevent the youngsters from being harmed again, under a rule issued by China's Internet watchdog on Tuesday.

Survey: Chinese becoming taller, heavier

2015-07-01 07:36:50

Chinese people are eating more, thanks to their deeper pockets, making them slightly taller but also a lot fatter, according to a National Health and Family Planning Commission report released on Tuesday.

Overseas tourists to get tax refunds on shopping

2015-07-01 07:12:58

Beijing and Shanghai will offer tax refunds on purchases made by overseas visitors at designated stores.

CPC has 87.79 million members: authority

2015-07-01 16:34:58

The Communist Party of China (CPC) had a total of 87.793 million members at the end of 2014, a figure greater than the population of Germany.

China to back EU efforts to revive economy

2015-06-30 07:46:06

China should combine its advantages in production capacity and equipment manufacturing with Europe’s technology, says Premier Li Keqiang in Brussels.