China to mark Sun Yat-sen's 150th anniversary

2015-11-08 19:09:34

China will hold a series of events to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sun Yat-sen next year. Nov 12, 2016 is the 150th birthday of Sun.

Competitive walking: it's all in the ranking

2015-11-09 10:48:08

Aided by the growth of mobile Internet and the boom in social media, walking is made more interesting and competitive as people want to outperform friends.

Only 10% apply for second baby

2015-11-09 08:27:24

Most couples don't want to expand their families, if the low number applying for a second child in Beijing under today's rules is an indicator of parental thinking.

Stern eye cast on low-level corruption

2015-11-06 07:51:17

Jail sentences were given to 197 officials at grassroots levels who were involved in 175 corruption cases over the past five years, prosecutors in Shanghai said on Thursday.

China's first innovative drug approved NDA in the US

2015-11-06 14:22:43

The leading innovative pharmaceutical company with strong R&D capability and global vision in China market—Luye Pharma Group Ltd., announced that the United States Food and Drug Administration has confirmed that no additional clinical trials are needed for the New Drug Application (NDA) submission for Risperidone Extended-release Microspheres for Injection in the US.

Top cancer specialist raising radiotherapy awareness

2015-11-06 14:16:49

Hundreds of cancer patients needing radiotherapy are among the international medical tourists who come to China - even though it is not part of mainstream cancer treatment here.

Yangling Agricultural High-tech Fair opens

2015-11-06 14:05:34

The 22nd China Yangling Agricultural High-tech Fair, an annual promotion and exhibition for agricultural development, opened on Thursday in Yangling National Agricultural High-tech Industries and Demonstration Zone in Yangling, Shaanxi province.

China allows online media to report news

2015-11-06 13:28:22

Press credentials were granted to the employees of news website on Friday, giving interview and reporting rights to online media for the first time.

Political advisors brainstorm on China higher education

2015-11-06 09:47:52

Political advisors have urged universities to adopt practical, hands-on subjects, and a more competent faculty to improve the quality of China's higher education.

Rule would give day off for painful periods

2015-11-06 07:51:17

The Guangdong government is planning legislation requiring employers to offer paid leaves to female employees who suffer painful menstrual periods, raising questions of whether such a move would be reasonable or practical.

Bigger tax benefits proposed for donors

2015-11-06 07:51:17

Lawmakers are proposing that increased tax reductions be given for charitable donations in order to encourage more contributions.

New law 'should ban' tobacco sponsorship

2015-11-06 07:51:17

Anti-tobacco activists called on legislators to plug loopholes for tobacco sponsorship in the draft of China's first-ever charity law, which just finished its first reading.