PLA launches website for military equipment procurement

2015-01-04 15:47:34

The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) has launched a website on Sunday for the procurement of military equipment, according to

12 prevented from suicide in N China

2015-01-04 15:20:16

They were seeking government intervention after the boss of Shanxi Heli venture capital firm took off with their investment money, according to authorities in Shuozhou city in Shanxi province.

Beijing air quality improves but below target

2015-01-04 14:23:11

Beijing had 45 heay pollution days last year, according to the report on Beijing's air quality released by Beijing environmental protection bureau.

3 dead, 14 injured in NE China warehouse collapse

2015-01-04 07:37:49

Death toll from a fire climbs to five as bodies of two missing firefighters found buried under debris of the three-story storage facility.

TV drama hides assets of actresses

2015-01-03 14:42:02

Chinese TV drama fans vented their anger online after a hot royal-themed play returned to the screens but was filled with close-up shots of actresses' faces.

Chinese expected to travel more in 2015

2015-01-02 11:20:40

In the new year, Chinese consumers are expected to increase the number of international trips they take as they spend more money on experience and well-being, and continue to invest heavily in real estate and global education, according to China analyst Michael Zakkour.

Darkest moment in brightest night

2015-01-02 00:21:50

Du Yijun was there to greet a bright New Year but never expected to have her life terminated before dawn.

Shanghai New Year stampede kills 36

2015-01-01 18:51:15

Chinese President Xi Jinping asked an immediate investigation on the cause of a stampede that killed 36 people and injured 47 during a New Year celebration in downtown Shanghai.

Law revision on captured animals

2015-01-01 15:02:58

A revised Chinese law on wildlife protection is expected to regulate the domestication of animals, as some practices have been criticized for being abusive.

Anti-graft watchdog launches mobile app

2015-01-01 12:40:39

China's disciplinary watchdog launched a mobile application on Thursday, in a bid to reach a broader audience amid China's anti-graft campaign.

President's thumbs up for 2014

2015-01-01 04:56:33

In his New Year address on Wednesday, President Xi Jinping pledged to further deepen the nation's overall reform and to promote the rule of law, comparing them to "a bird's two wings".