Qingdao's first Ebola case false alarm

2014-10-28 11:16:34

Health authorities in Qingdao are now dismissing rumors that the city has confirmed its first case of Ebola.

Cult crimes to be harshly punished

2014-10-28 07:30:40

Under a draft amendment, if a person organizes a religious institution to undermine national laws, he or she will face a prison term of three to seven years.

Not so fast on China economic predictions: experts

2014-10-28 07:16:44

China's growth dynamics are not driven by the middle-income "trap", but rather that rapid growth is coupled with rapid deceleration, experts said.

Reductions considered for capital punishment

2014-10-28 06:13:07

China’s top legislature is considering reducing by nine the number of crimes subject to the death penalty through revising the Criminal Law.

China's economy in 'transition': expert

2014-10-27 11:27:16

China's economic deceleration in the third quarter signals "ongoing deterioration" in the country's growth, said an economist.

Occupy Central plots hatched 2 years ago: BBC

2014-10-27 09:18:22

Far from being "impromptu demonstrations," the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong was plotted nearly two years ago with the involvement of overseas forces, the BBC reported.

Endangered species on sale in SW China

2014-10-27 08:08:09

Wild animals, including some endangered species, have been poached from nearby forests and sold at a fair in the suburb of Pu'er.

The road goes on for teacher Levine

2014-10-27 03:02:27

Mark Levine is often described in the media as a folk singer or writer, but the bushy-bearded Californian actually makes his living through teaching and describes himself as a teacher in all the roles.

Redesigned SAT 'won't brainwash'

2014-10-27 02:56:49

The SAT, widely used for college admission in the United States, will not "indoctrinate" Chinese students with US ideology through its recent redesign, education specialists and students said.

Police step up efforts against smugglers

2014-10-27 01:31:23

Police in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region will crack down on illegal border crossings into Vietnam to halt smuggling of drugs and trafficking of wild animals.

Improving air quality seen as priority

2014-10-27 00:40:08

The capital will also restrict cars based on an odd-and-even-number rule, almost halving the number of cars on the road during the APEC meetings.

Stricter border check for terrorists

2014-10-27 00:23:15

China has intensified inspections and patrols in border regions to stop terrorism suspects who plan to join extreme Islamic forces, government sources said.