Relief work underway in quake-stricken Tibet

2015-04-28 14:30:58

Relief work underway in quake-stricken Tibet

2,000 Chinese tourists return from quake-hit Nepal

2015-04-28 14:29:53

About 2,000 Chinese tourists have arrived home, while 400 remained stranded at a airport in quake-hit Kathmandu as airlines race to evacuate them following Saturday's earthquake, said Chinese Embassy in Nepal on Monday.

7 killed in SW China colliery blast

2015-04-28 13:15:55

Seven workers were killed and one person is missing after a gas explosion in a coal mine in Southwest China's Sichuan province on Monday afternoon, local authorities said on Tuesday.

Military medics aid Tibet quake zone

2015-04-28 13:15:42

Four medical teams sent by the Tibet Military Area Command (TMAC) to quake zones in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region have treated more than 200 patients since arriving on Monday, according to the TMAC.

Domestic seaplane will protect maritime rights

2015-04-28 07:35:55

China will be able to use its first domestically developed amphibious plane to enhance its operational capability at sea.

Hospitals checked for possible bribes, kickbacks, misconduct

2015-04-28 07:18:17

The former head of a prominent hospital in Yunnan province is suspected of taking large bribes, including 100 houses, 100 car lot properties and 35 million yuan ($5.6 million) in cash, from 2005 to last year, the Supreme People's Procuratorate said on Monday.

Lost in Kathmandu: Cracked buildings and chaos

2015-04-28 07:17:15

Ten months ago when I was posted to Thailand as a correspondent, many of my friends made fun of me, saying that I would become the female version of the popular Chinese comedy movie Lost In Thailand. Well, I didn't. But, now in Nepal, I truly am.

Rescue team from China pulls its first survivor from rubble

2015-04-28 07:17:15

Members of China's International Rescue Team pulled a trapped teenager out of the rubble of a collapsed building in Kathmandu on Sunday evening after almost four hours of work.

Disaster at home adds to pressure on players in Suzhou

2015-04-28 07:17:15

The pressures on table tennis players at the world championships in Suzhou are intense, but Nepalese player Nabita Shrestha has the added burden of worrying about her family after the devastating earthquake struck her country on Saturday.

Landslides, falling snow hampering Tibet rescue

2015-04-28 07:18:44

Snow and landslides are hampering the efforts of rescue and relief task forces trying to reach the southern parts of the Tibet autonomous region affected by Saturday's earthquake in neighboring Nepal.

'Belt and Road' plan 'set to spur FTA talks'

2015-04-28 05:59:20

"Belt and Road" initiative is expected to promote free trade agreement negotiations with countries along the routes, improving the flow of exports and imports.

4,000 Chinese stranded in quake-hit Nepal

2015-04-27 15:15:59

Chinese airlines have evacuated more than 1000 nationals from quake-hit Nepal, while 4000 more still await rescue. Twenty-four Chinese have died in the earthquake.