Information science grads get top pay

2015-07-10 07:19:15

Recent graduates in information science receive the highest salaries when they enter the workplace, a survey found.

New ultrafast helicopters might be ready by 2025

2015-07-10 06:57:04

China should produce prototypes of its two ultrafast helicopters within the next decade, the country's chief helicopter designer said.

Law sought to close Web in emergency

2015-07-09 07:35:46

A draft law seeks to allow local governments to shut down cyberspace network temporarily if a breach of security occurs.

Experts applaud growing debate on death penalty

2015-07-09 07:49:14

Zhou Lei has followed the heated debate on WeChat on whether anyone involved in child trafficking should get the death penalty.

Chinese students benefit UK schools, consultant says

2015-07-09 07:49:14

Chinese students who study at British state schools will bring more benefits than disadvantages to those schools and their students, according to a senior overseas study consultant in China.

Beijing says criticism of anniversary 'ludicrous'

2015-07-09 07:48:40

Beijing has criticized Tokyo's response as "ludicrous" after a Japanese Cabinet spokesman publicly denounced Chinese events to mark the fight against the Japanese invasion more than 70 years ago.

250b yuan ordered redirected

2015-07-09 07:48:40

China will redirect more than $40.3 billion of fiscal appropriations reclaimed due to inefficient or illegal use to projects that urgently need money, the State Council decided on Wednesday.

China says no to profit-only panda exhibitions

2015-07-09 11:11:48

Exhibitions that exclusively seek monetary profits will have to keep their hands off pandas, which are an endangered species and a source of national pride in China, according to forestry authorities.

Sun and sand is where the wealthy Chinese head

2015-07-09 10:47:16

A recent report has shown the affluent from Chinese mainland and Singapore are the most frequent travelers, averaging 3.1 trips per year.

Most youngsters report seeing bullying

2015-07-09 07:49:14

A majority of students polled in a recent national survey reported experiencing or witnessing school bullying, a finding one expert blamed on the reduction of good social conduct on the Internet.

Shenzhen leads way in smoking enforcement

2015-07-09 07:49:14

Shenzhen has done the best among China's major cities in enforcing the tobacco control law, according to a report released on Wednesday.

Despite selloff, market still draws

2015-07-08 11:39:44

Even if China's stock market selloff ends in a sustained correction (defined as a loss of 20 percent of more), the mainland will remain a driver of future growth for the global asset management industry, according to members of The Boston Consulting Group.