Former vice Party chief of Sichuan stands trial

2015-04-23 10:31:27

Former vice chief of Sichuan provincial committee of Communist Party of China (CPC), Li Chuncheng, stood trial on Thursday in a court in Xianning city, Central China's Hubei province.

Li tells FTZs to be bolder over reforms

2015-04-23 04:29:39

Pilot Free Trade Zones, now operating in four areas, must have the courage to roll out bolder reforms, Premier Li Keqiang said on Wednesday as he visited Xiamen, part of the Fujian Pilot FTZ.

The right to choose baby names

2015-04-23 17:03:59

A disgruntled father finally had his day in court five years after police refused to register the birth of his daughter because of her "unusual name".

China mulls piloting reforms on people's jury system

2015-04-23 16:58:41

Chinese lawmakers are reviewing plans to adjust the juror system in the country.

China's satellite navigation system to expand coverage globally by 2020

2015-04-23 12:53:07

The Beidou satellite navigation system will be fully operational worldwide by 2020, said Li Jian, deputy director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) on Thursday.

Latest crackdown shuts 35 online dating websites

2015-04-23 11:24:45

Authorities have shut down 35 online dating websites for "seriously violating regulations and presenting false information", according to the Cyberspace Administration of China.

Death toll in China's coal mine flooding hits 21

2015-04-23 10:31:22

Twenty-one people were confirmed dead as of Thursday morning, four days after water from a ground-level reservoir flooded a coal mine in the northern province of Shanxi, according to the work safety regulator.

New regulation targets news copyright

2015-04-23 10:01:09

Newsmakers--journalists, TV News, bloggers, newspapers, publishers, etc.--will now be entitled to payment if web portals or paper media pick up their news stories.

40% cyber security holes in social welfare system fixed

2015-04-23 09:59:00

About 40 percent of internet security loopholes found in China's social welfare system have been repaired.

More Chinese are Bali-bound for its exotic view

2015-04-23 08:30:12

More Chinese are traveling to Indonesia to enjoy the picturesque views of Bali island and the rich cultural heritage and exotic scenery of other Indonesian destinations.

Ad in Korean paper puts Ningxiang on map

2015-04-23 08:31:35

A full page advertisement in the Korean JoongAng IIbo daily newspaper helped put Ningxiang county on the map for a great many Chinese people. Previously, the small county in Hunan province was a place people failed to spot on their way to scenic Zhangjiajie.

Shaanxi police crack online animal trafficking network

2015-04-23 08:31:35

Forest police in Shangluo, Shaanxi province, have cracked a network that has been trafficking wild animals, reptiles and amphibians online, the biggest such operation ever reported in China, the authorities said.