New rule rewards finders of lost property

2015-10-14 06:43:00

People handing in lost property they find in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, are being awarded 10 percent of its value under a landmark new regulation enacted by the city.

Cheating in civil servant exams means 7-year jail

2015-10-14 11:15:10

Authorities announce severe punishment for those caught cheating in the upcoming national civil servant exams, the State Administration of Civil Service said.

Uninsured clergy face retirement crisis

2015-10-14 07:38:53

Clergy ill-prepared for retirement and lacking of health insurance is a problem in all five major religions in China.

Love and loss in war and peace

2015-10-14 07:19:04

During World War II, more than 100 Chinese children were educated at a boarding school 300 kilometers from Moscow. Despite the harsh conditions, many remember their school days with affection.

Valuable tree limb cut, stolen from botanical garden

2015-10-14 07:02:46

A branch of a rare rosewood tree, valued at more than 1 million yuan ($158,000), was cut off and stolen over the weekend from the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, a tourist attraction nestled on a river island near the small town of Menglun in Yunnan province.

FM offers help for crisis in Syria

2015-10-13 07:43:15

Foreign Minister Wang Yi called for greater efforts in tackling the current humanitarian crisis in Syria, saying China will continue to offer help.

Beijing tech hub to shift focus from digital products to startups

2015-10-13 09:07:55

Zhongguancun, a nationally renowned technology hub in Beijing, will transform its development model from an electronics-dominated to an innovation-oriented economy by focusing on serving startups amid a recession in the electronics trade, local authorities announced.

Ebola vaccine tested in W. Africa

2015-10-13 07:43:15

China's first homegrown vaccine against Ebola has entered its second phase in a clinical trial in Sierra Leone in West Africa, marking a breakthrough in overseas testing of Chinese-developed vaccines.

Anti-graft in military relocates more vehicles to borderland

2015-10-13 14:26:44

The Chinese military has relocated more vehicles in the anti-graft campaign to border areas, a sign that the campaign is helping troops improve their fighting capability.

The right connections will no longer protect students

2015-10-13 09:10:14

As the People's Liberation Army has had some of the world's top weapons, it is also pursuing top talent and has begun to raise the threshold for professionals, PLA Daily reported.

Hope seen for progress in dialogue with Japan

2015-10-13 07:43:15

Analysts have voiced hopes for progress in resolving remaining issues as China and Japan prepare to co-host the second China-Japan High-Level Political Dialogue in Tokyo on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Revised Party rules target misbehavior

2015-10-13 06:51:59

China's three-year-long anti-graft campaign has produced an important institutional change in the internal management of the ruling Communist Party of China, according to its top leaders.