Putin's tiger keeps Chinese reserve on tenterhooks

2014-11-18 13:39:14

The appearance at a Chinese nature reserve of a Siberian tiger set free by Russian President Vladimir Putin makes workers there nervous, but also excited.

Rule of law will boost foreign confidence

2014-11-18 12:07:30

The overhaul of the legal system and its strict enforcement will help create a transparent environment for foreign investors, said Vaughn Barber, head of China Outbound for KPMG.

China boasts world's fastest supercomputer

2014-11-18 10:25:09

The Tianhe-2, a supercomputer developed by China's National University of Defense Technology, was named the world's top supercomputer for the fourth consecutive time by the TOP500 project.

Forensic doctor cracks toughest murder cases

2014-11-18 07:55:49

By the time the bodies of two women were found, all traces of evidence that could lead to their killer had been cleared.

Report condemns widespread abuse of tigers in zoos

2014-11-18 07:55:49

Tigers are being widely abused in many of the country's zoos, according to a report issued by an animal rights group.

Park's wild animals unaware of physical exams

2014-11-18 07:55:49

The wild animals in Pu'er Sun River National Park don't know when it's time for physical examinations, as the goal of the workers is to be as inobtrusive as possible.

Comforts of home

2014-11-18 07:55:49

Unlike many cafes in Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai where business will not start until 9 am, Zhang Xiangkai opens his doors before 7 am every day.

Fox Hunt nabs its prey abroad

2014-11-18 07:52:03

Chinese police have captured 288 economic fugitives hiding overseas - including many corrupt officials - since Fox Hunt 2014 was initiated in July, a Ministry of Public Security official said on Monday.

China looks toward Mars as rover model debuts

2014-11-18 07:40:22

China is planning for its Mars exploration mission with preliminary research already underway, a senior space official said.

Space law ready for liftoff

2014-11-18 07:37:11

China will speed up legislation covering activities in space to make better use of the nation's assets and boost space-related industries.

China condemns illegal blood collection

2014-11-18 07:10:28

The National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) issued a circular denouncing forced blood donations in Northwest China's Gansu province on Monday.

China starts building new Xinjiang railway

2014-11-17 21:59:25

China has begun building a railway linking the northwestern Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region with other parts of the country.