Tianjin blasts death toll rises to 139

2015-08-27 09:53:00

The death toll from the Tianjin warehouse explosions two weeks ago has risen to 139, and 34 others remain missing, rescue authorities said on Wednesday.

People's jurors make selection in Beijing

2015-08-27 07:36:24

Xu Ting was excited to see her name on a big screen showing a new group of people's jurors and she quickly shared the news with her family on the instant messaging service WeChat.

National and ethnic unity vital for region, Xi says

2015-08-26 06:37:26

President Xi Jinping underlines national and ethnic unity as key for Tibet, vowing to focus on long-term stability and an "unswerving" anti-separatism battle.

Reefs increase 10% after rescue by 'blue knights'

2015-08-26 07:45:14

Dazhou Island is the largest offshore island in Hainan province, with its clear waters attracting a wide variety of tropical fish.

China's first draft law on domestic violence reviewed

2015-08-25 07:17:18

Victims of domestic violence would be able to apply to courts for protection and the courts would be required to hear such applications, under China's first draft law covering the issue.

China reaffirms non-acceptance of arbitration on S.China Sea: FM

2015-08-25 00:10:12

China on Monday reiterated that it will not accept nor participate in the arbitral proceedings unilaterally initiated by the Philippines.

Tianjin death toll up to 129

2015-08-25 06:03:11

Rescue authorities updated the death toll from the Tianjin warehouse explosions to 129, with 44 others missing, on Monday.

Car limits result in public transit record

2015-08-25 07:44:19

The number of people taking public transportation reached a record high for the year as Beijing imposed traffic restrictions in advance of the Sept 3 military parade, prompting an increase in subway train capacity and safety measures.

Targets set for regional integration

2015-08-24 06:54:48

The aim is to transfer the nonessential functions of Beijing and form an optimized structure for the capital's core functions by 2030.

Path smoothed for organ donors

2015-08-24 06:44:11

China published its first national guideline on organ donation on Saturday to better regulate the process and further raise public awareness.

China rehearses V-Day parade

2015-08-23 14:19:12

China held a large-scale rehearsal for the Sept 3 military parade from Saturday evening to Sunday morning in downtown Beijing.

China pension fund allowed to invest in stock market

2015-08-23 18:03:39

China published the final guideline on investment for the country's pension fund, effectively opening the gate for more diversified and riskier products.