Scientists ponder exoskeletons

2015-08-24 07:25:06

Chinese scientists are now developing a flexible and controllable exoskeleton that moves as nimbly as a mind controls its limbs.

Tests show survivor 'not poisoned'

2015-08-24 07:08:32

Han Fengqun,found at the center of the Tianjin blast site about 60 hours after the accident, is in stable condition and shows no signs of being poisoned by toxic chemicals.

President Xi calls for crews not to ease up

2015-08-21 08:08:05

China's top leaders issue a call for professionalism in response to the Tianjin explosions after hearing a report on rescue and follow-up work.

Health authority announces step to rein in 'wild' stem cell treatment

2015-08-21 11:41:36

Top body issues country's first-ever regulation (trial) to bring stem cell therapy into line after many denounced it as 'going wild'.

Self-proclaimed Chinese qigong master arrested for illegal detention

2015-08-21 09:23:57

Police in East China's Jiangxi province formally arrested self-proclaimed qigong master Wang Lin Thursday for his alleged role in an "illegal detention" case.

Online map aids visitors to capital

2015-08-21 07:39:19

An online map showing in real-time how busy some of Beijing's best known sites are has been designed for tourists and residents so they can plan their visits.

Chemical plants to be relocated in Tianjin blast zone

2015-08-20 07:29:29

All companies that produce and store dangerous chemicals are undergoing strict inspection and will be closed if any faults are found, says Tianjin mayor.

To improve air quality, 12,000 plants to halt work for parade

2015-08-20 07:49:10

More than 12,200 coal-fired boilers and factories will halt production to help improve Beijing's air quality before the Sept 3 parade.

Social capital to go to nursing homes

2015-08-20 07:42:32

Social capital is to become the driving force for the development of nursing homes, a civil affairs official said on Wednesday.

Courts ordered to report interfering officials

2015-08-20 07:42:32

Chinese courts have been told to record, report and blame officials who interfere in cases or with judicial work, under a new guideline issued by the country's top court on Wednesday.

Xi calls to step up drive for reform

2015-08-19 07:44:48

President Xi Jinping urged Party and government officials on Tuesday to step up efforts to implement reform and achieve targets.

Top work safety official investigated

2015-08-19 07:45:28

Yang Dongliang, China's top work safety official and a former deputy mayor of Tianjin, has been placed under investigation.