White foam on rainwater 'is normal'

2015-08-19 07:44:48

Thunderstorms on Tuesday morning made the Tianjin recovery operation more difficult, with an increased risk of rainwater becoming polluted. However, the air and water quality were still within what is considered a safe range, monitoring officials said.

Beijing-approved taxi app starts service

2015-08-19 07:45:28

The first officially sanctioned taxi-hailing application in Beijing went online on Tuesday amid efforts to regulate the growing transportation service sector in the capital.

Rain in Tianjin poses no health risk, says official

2015-08-18 12:18:47

Rain Tianjin currently is experiencing does not pose any risk to people's health, and an evacuation will be ordered if necessary.

Anti-corruption campaign 'good for China, US'

2015-08-18 05:33:21

Stronger anti-graft teamwork is good for China and the United States, observers said, following a US media report on Sunday questioning "Fox Hunt", China's global manhunt for corrupt officials and economic criminal suspects.

Beijing among most polluted cities for first time this year

2015-08-18 07:31:19

Beijing was among the worst 10 cities in China for air quality in July, the first time this year the capital has dropped so low.

Hundreds of drivers banned amid road safety campaign

2015-08-18 07:36:49

China's first blacklist - banning 387 people from driving for life - has been released by the Public Security Department in Jiangsu province as part of a national campaign launched in July to crack down on traffic violations.

Li pledges thorough investigation

2015-08-17 07:04:53

At least 114 have been killed and 70 remain missing after the blasts at a warehouse storing hazardous chemicals in Tianjin Binhai New Area.

Sodium cyanide in Tianjin to be collected, neutralized soon

2015-08-17 12:11:50

All sodium cyanide within the 3-kilometer radius of the core blast zone will be collected and neutralized before Monday evening.

'Nobody told us there were chemicals here'

2015-08-17 06:59:39

The storage of dangerous materials close to residential areas is one of the many possible regulatory lapses exposed by the incident.

112 dead, 95 missing in Tianjin blasts

2015-08-17 06:20:38

The Supreme People's Procuratorate announced on Sunday it has begun to investigate whether there is any dereliction of duty involved in the explosions.

Former loggers turning over new leaf

2015-08-17 11:09:35

It never occurred to Xu that the employment situation would deteriorate to the point that she, her husband, close relatives and colleagues would be forced to consider leaving Yichun to look for work.

Experts say J-10s would benefit Iran

2015-08-17 07:58:22

The China-made J-10 multi-role fighter jet is a suitable choice for Iran if the Middle East power decides to upgrade its aging military aircraft fleet, Chinese aviation experts said.