Fugitive regrets fleeing abroad

2015-07-16 07:51:45

An economic fugitive surnamed Zhuang said he would not have fled abroad if he had known the way things would turn out.

9 foreigners detained over banned videos

2015-07-16 07:46:08

China detained nine foreign tourists-five South Africans, three Britons and one Indian-for suspected ties to a "terror group" after authorities accused them of watching banned videos.

Student loan payback period extended to 20 years

2015-07-16 07:32:29

China has decided to extended the maximum repayment period for student loans to 20 years, according to a circular by the ministries of education and finance and the People's Bank of China on Wednesday.

Chinese cult leader faces criminal prosecution

2015-07-16 07:13:33

Wu Zeheng, founder and leader of the cult "Huazang Zongmen", is facing criminal prosecution along with several other suspected cult members, following year-long investigations by police.

Graft fight gains international support

2015-07-15 07:59:24

China's efforts to foster and seek international cooperation in fighting corruption are in line with and supported by international standards.

Heat turned up on temperature subsidies

2015-07-15 07:25:54

With the thermometer climbing all the way to 40 C in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong provinces, questions related to subsidies for high temperatures are on the rise as well.

New figures reveal Chinese casualties

2015-07-15 07:19:37

At the 1937 exchange rate, property losses incurred by the Chinese amount to more than $100 billion, with indirect losses of $500 billion.

Over 42,000 Beijing couples want second children

2015-07-15 10:59:55

Over 42,000 couples in Beijing have applied to have a second child since the birth control policy was changed in February 2014, the city's family planning department said Tuesday.

Reform comes into effect as cases are filed more quickly

2015-07-15 07:59:59

Lawyer Lin Zhida could not believe that an administrative case he represented was filed within just seven days.

Ministry acts to eliminate 'toxic school uniforms'

2015-07-15 07:59:59

The Ministry of Education released a regulation on Monday urging manufacturers of school uniforms to follow national quality standards and grant more autonomy to students and parents in choosing and buying the clothes.

Village-themed tourism to improve rural livelihoods

2015-07-15 07:59:24

More than 12 million rural people are expected to shake off poverty through village-themed tourism in the next five years, according to senior tourism officials.

New figures reveal Chinese casualties

2015-07-15 07:59:24

During the 14-year Japanese invasion of China, the Chinese suffered more than 35 million military and nonmilitary casualties, accounting for a third of the total casualties of all the countries in World War II.