Green light for green jobs

2015-07-29 16:51:03

China will implement a new classification system of jobs with special priority given to green roles as the country pushes environmental sectors of the economy.

Senior official's sentence reduced for good behavior in prison

2015-07-29 14:56:02

A former senior official, Huang Shaoxiong, had his sentence reduced to 20 years and 9 months' imprisonment because of good behavior.

Beijing mulls laws to protect Good Samaritans

2015-07-29 11:28:38

A draft legislation has been drawn up in Beijing to protect the Good Samaritans in the capital from false accusations by people they help.

Mother's death prompts escalator safety campaign

2015-07-29 11:23:06

Second drive to raise awareness launched

Free app to aid overseas Chinese

2015-07-29 11:23:06

Chinese who are out of the country now have easy access to emergency services and can keep themselves updated on local Chinese worker unions with Overseas Chinese Call, a mobile app released by the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese.

Ancient games celebrate harvest in Inner Mongolia

2015-07-29 11:23:06

Residents of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region are celebrating Naadam, the traditional games festival known as the world's second-oldest Olympics.

Town seeks to preserve past despite fire

2015-07-29 11:22:21

Immersed in a cloud of sawdust, carpenter Dainzhen Lhamo vigorously gouged scratches into a newly carved door using a steel brush, marring the entrance to a half-finished wooden house in the town of Dukezong.

Demand for English-speaking staff soar at workplaces

2015-07-29 10:54:46

According to the Chinese recruiting website, multinational companies still top the workplaces at which English is needed.

Chinese like shopping on US websites

2015-07-29 10:31:04

A report shows the United States became China's biggest online exporter in 2014, in particular for education, healthcare and food products.

Typhoon season expected to be longer than usual

2015-07-28 06:49:09

El Nino's impact on China is expected to last until the end of this year and the country could have stronger typhoons and a longer typhoon season.

Mainland tourists detained after Hong Kong airport riot

2015-07-28 15:49:53

Six tourists from the Chinese mainland were detained for beating ground staffers in an airport in Hong Kong after flight delay caused public anger.

Shaolin Temple complains to police about online accusation

2015-07-28 07:17:43

Shaolin Temple in Henan province has condemned an online attack against its abbot last week as slander and has turned to the police for help.