China files one-third of patent claims

2014-12-18 08:12:42

China was responsible for one-third of the world's patent applications last year, once again driving strong global growth despite stalling innovation in Europe and Japan, the World Intellectual Property Organization said on Tuesday.

Panda gets unusual Nativity figurine

2014-12-18 08:12:42

This Christmas, the giant panda has its own caganer, a Catalan word that translates most politely as "the defecator" - ceramic figures that are sold at the Fira de Santa Llucia, a Christmas market in the Mediterranean city of Barcelona.

Farmer plans long march to Beijing

2014-12-18 08:12:42

A 66-year-old farmer is preparing for a personal "Long March" to Beijing, which he will start in January to support China's bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

Not schools for scoundrels

2014-12-18 08:12:42

As China's anti-graft campaign approaches its third year, behind-the-scenes efforts are being made to educate officials and dissuade them from accepting bribes or succumbing to other forms of graft.

Beijing courting overseas tourists

2014-12-18 07:44:04

Beijing is trying to improve the 72-hour visa-free entry policy for international transit passengers to attract more overseas visitors.

Li makes pitch for business investment

2014-12-18 05:05:46

Premier Li Keqiang laid out Beijing's latest vision for introducing Chinese equipment manufacturers to address mounting demand for infrastructure construction in the region.

China set to make tracks for Europe

2014-12-18 03:06:44

China is to boost its presence in the Balkans and funnel exports to Europe through a "corridor" linking Beijing with the continent via the Mediterranean.

China's food poisoning deaths drop in Q3

2014-12-17 21:41:20

A total of 42 people died of food poisoning in China in the third quarter, a year-on-year reduction of 8.7 percent, said the National Health and Family Planning Commission on Wednesday.

China Earthquake Networks Center to provide push notification service

2014-12-17 21:24:14

China Earthquake Networks Center will provide an earthquake notification service to the public through its Weibo account, the center said on Wednesday.

China calls for tipoffs on food, drug

2014-12-17 21:19:26

The Legislative Affairs Office of China's State Council called for tip-offs on problematic food and drug products, prohibiting exposure of the whistle-blowers' information.

Less privilege in China's college enrolment

2014-12-17 20:48:16

Math, science and sport competition winners will no longer receive extra points on their college application, the Education Ministry announced Wednesday amid China's college admittance reform.

China's Xi receives highest rating among world leaders

2014-12-17 20:45:52

Chinese President Xi Jinping was the highest rated world leader in many fields, according to a survey published by Harvard Kennedy School's Ash Center.