One killed by mall's falling objects

2014-12-01 13:56:31

Nearly 30 square meters of material of the exterior wall of Joy City, a shopping mall in Chaoyang district, fell down due to strong wind, leaving one pedestrian killed and another injured, reported The Beijing Times on Monday.

China on yellow alert for blizzards

2014-12-01 11:27:02

China's weather observatory on Sunday issued a yellow alert for heavy snow that is to hit the country's northeast provinces.

China's harsher workplace safety law to take effect

2014-12-01 11:26:21

China's revised Workplace Safety Law, which imposes harsher punishment on offenders, will take effect Monday.

CPC sends out inspectors in new round of checks

2014-12-01 11:23:13

Disciplinary inspectors have arrived at all target state organizations in a new round of campaign initiated by the Communist Party of China (CPC) to put a check on officials'misconduct.

China's faltering steps on family foster care

2014-12-01 09:14:42

New regulations on family foster care in China take effect on Monday, allowing each foster family to take in a maximum of two children.

Coal checkpoint near Beijing closes on Monday

2014-12-01 07:32:54

A major checkpoint for coal supplies from Shanxi province, which accounts for one-quarter of the country's reserves and output of the fuel, will close on Monday as part of government efforts to improve coal transportation and distribution.

Changes considered in HIV treatment

2014-12-01 07:32:54

Experts in HIV/AIDS hope to widen the coverage of healthcare and extend life expectancy, as Shan Juan reports.

SAT score delays affect thousands

2014-12-01 07:32:54

Test provider delayed results because of investigation into alleged cheating

Interest in civil service declines

2014-12-01 07:32:24

The number of people who were approved to take the national civil service exam and the number who actually took it have dropped from previous years, and part of the reason may be the Party's continuing anti-corruption efforts, experts and insiders say.

More funding for HIV/AIDS

2014-12-01 07:20:00

China will allocate more government funds for HIV/ AIDS prevention, especially for targetedgroups,Premier Li Keqiang said during a visit to HIV/AIDS sufferers.

Coal tax reform to ease burden on producers, environment

2014-12-01 07:02:34

China, the world's leading coal producer and consumer, is to levy resource tax on coal on the basis of sales instead of production from Dec. 1, in a move to shore up the dim industry and improve the deteriorating environment.

Rescued babies find new life in adoption

2014-11-28 16:09:30

When Wang and his wife arrived at the charity house in Huizhou early in the morning on Tuesday, it was already crowded with other couples seeking to foster a baby.