Policeman, journalist investigated for corruption in qigong master case

2015-10-19 09:32:07

A policeman and a journalist were under investigation for alleged bribe-taking while handling the case of self-claimed qigong master Wang Lin, Xinhua learnt from the Ministry of Public Security late Sunday evening.

Hugo Award winner Liu Cixin wins Chinese sci-fi award

2015-10-19 09:31:35

The 2015 Xingyun (Nebula) Award for Global Chinese Science Fiction was announced Sunday in Chengdu, with the best achievement prize awarded to Liu Cixin, the first Asian writer to win "Best Novel" at the 2015 Hugo Award.

China's environment authorities to screen chemical hazards

2015-10-19 09:31:06

China will launch an environment safety inspection over industries involving chemicals and other dangerous substances, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced on Sunday.

China blacklists 10 travel agencies

2015-10-19 09:30:19

China has named and shamed 10 travel agencies as the country attempts to create a sound environment for tourists, the National Tourism Administration (NTA) said Sunday.

New rail network set to boost 'cluster'

2015-10-19 08:11:26

In the next 35 years, $97 billion will be spent to build 23 intercity railways that will connect Beijing with neighboring areas in the cluster.

Chinese look yonder for luxury goods

2015-10-19 05:38:17

Even as the sales of luxury goods have cooled in the mainland, Chinese shoppers are still buying luxury items, but many now are doing their shopping overseas, according to observers.

'Black banks' targeted in latest anti-graft crackdown

2015-10-16 07:22:19

Authorities have opened a new front in the ongoing cleanup campaign by targeting underground lenders and illegal overseas currency transfers.

Police step up underground banks battle

2015-10-16 07:03:50

Police in China have intensified efforts to crack down on underground banks to prevent suspected corrupt officials from transferring their ill-gotten assets abroad through money laundering.

Farmer recalls day he was finally a free man

2015-10-16 07:55:33

Under serfdom in Tibet, anyone born to a serf became a serf, and that system of hereditary exploitation endured for 300 years, until the central government of the People's Republic of China finally broke the yoke in 1959.

School makes big strides for Lhasa

2015-10-16 07:50:37

The Lhasa-Beijing Experimental Middle School last year sent more than 80 percent of its graduates on to higher education, a remarkable feat for a fledgling institution that just opened a year ago.

Air cleaning effort pays off

2015-10-16 07:28:59

About 80 percent of cities with real-time air quality monitoring capabilities failed to reach national standards on small-particle pollution in the first three quarters of the year.

Children's illnesses may be linked to running tracks

2015-10-16 07:11:20

Many primary school students in Jiangsu province suffered nosebleeds, dizziness and rashes after attending schools that recently installed plastic running tracks on their playgrounds.