25 air passengers investigated by police after opening emergency doors

2015-01-11 06:29:35

Twenty-five passengers on board a plane in Kunming were taken away by local police after they quarreled with the crew and opened some emergency exits of the plane on Saturday.

1,500 affected as 5.0-magnitude quake hits Xinjiang

2015-01-11 06:22:54

A 5.0-magnitude earthquake has damaged houses and affected over 1,500 residents in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, local authorities said.

Four murdered in apartment building

2015-01-10 20:05:10

Four people, including two children, were killed in an apartment in Changsha in Central China's Hunan province on Saturday morning.

School official executed for killing girl

2015-01-10 19:43:10

Yang Haijun, former deputy principal of a primary school in North China's Hebei province, was executed on Saturday for kidnapping and killing a girl and then molesting her body.

Legislature OKs ban on full veils in Xinjiang

2015-01-10 19:25:50

Regulation to introduce the ban on full-face veils and full-body coverings in public in Urumqi was approved by the legislature.

Trending: Keeping an eye on the finger

2015-01-10 13:27:43

Beggar mocks security guard's salary, girl spins alcohol story, students roll eyes at finger, light goes out of festival, man makes wrong call.

French student falls off dormitory building in South China

2015-01-10 12:32:55

A French student was injured after falling off the dormitory building in south China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, said local sources on Saturday.

Expectant mothers shun Year of Sheep

2015-01-10 08:23:26

The upcoming Year of the Sheep, regarded as the most inauspicious for childbirth according to Chinese superstition, is resulting in sluggish business for maternity hospitals and service providers.

Improperly freed convicts back in jail

2015-01-10 08:23:57

Guangdong's provincial procuratorate returned 138 convicts to jail last year after finding they were unqualified to serve their terms outside of prison. The number included 12 former officials at the department level.

New indicator to improve accuracy of monthly forecasts

2015-01-10 08:23:57

The meteorological authority will release a new indicator to increase the accuracy of its air pollution forecasts, in an effort to facilitate governments' efforts to curb air pollution.

Yunnan cases given extra scrutiny

2015-01-10 08:23:57

Southwest China's Yunnan province is emerging as the center of an epidemic of corruption connected to the case of ex-security chief Zhou Yongkang.

Need help from police? Dial 110

2015-01-10 07:57:33

Saturday marks the 29th anniversary of the establishment of the "110" police calling system in China.