Sino-German training scheme set up

2014-11-14 21:32:35

The Chinese Ministry of Education and the German Education Ministry joined forces to establish a training organization, the German Education Center (GEC), which was officially launched in Beijing on Friday.

Former SW China deputy mayor probed for corruption

2014-11-14 19:56:52

Wu Jun, a former deputy mayor of Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, is under investigation for suspected bribe-taking.

Harvard biz grad opens etiquette shop in Beijing

2014-11-14 17:27:43

Etiquette is not only about one's refined appearance, but about an inner love of life and a respect for others, said Sara Jane Ho, founder of the high-end school of etiquette Institute Sarita.

Sexologist to soldier on after feces-flinging fracas

2014-11-14 17:11:40

An ugly incident, in which sex activist Peng Xiaohui was doused with excrement, triggers wave of online support and debate over once-taboo subject.

The new 'new normal' is here

2014-11-14 14:53:27

Xi Jinping first started using "the new normal" to describe the Chinese economy. Now, the term is more and more used to depict Chinese politics. The question now is what is the new normal and how will it influence China and the world.

Putin's tiger believed to be photographed in China

2014-11-14 08:18:55

Infrared cameras at a nature reserve in Northeast China have captured photographs of a Siberian tiger, which expert believes to be one of three released by Putin in Russia.

Mediation underway to end strike by cabbies

2014-11-14 08:07:09

Traffic, police and labor departments in Shaoguan, Guangdong province, are busy mediating in a strike by taxi drivers objecting to a proposed increase in their monthly contract fees.

First electric plane ready for the production line

2014-11-14 08:07:09

China will soon put its first domestically developed electric aircraft into mass production, and designers expect a huge market at home and abroad.

Paris gets safer for tourists from Asia

2014-11-14 08:06:36

Robberies of Chinese and Japanese tourists in Paris decreased significantly in the first nine months of this year, the police in Paris said on Wednesday.

G20 expected to OK anti-graft deal

2014-11-14 08:06:36

China expects the upcoming G20 Summit to expand anti-corruption teamwork from the Asia-Pacific region to the entire world, with the 15-year-old gathering of the world's most powerful economic players seeking sustained growth for its members.

Grad programs keep students at home

2014-11-14 08:02:43

The number of Chinese students enrolling in US graduate schools has declined slightly due in part to improved programs in China.

Beijing wants to keep 'APEC blue'

2014-11-14 05:15:53

Beijing plans to phase out around 1 million vehicles with low emission standards, a move toward allowing residents to enjoy the same good air quality experienced during the recent APEC meeting.