Arrest of HK protesters sought

2014-10-24 07:50:27

Transport associations in Hong Kong say they will seek arrest warrants against protesters on Friday, as they seek to put teeth into a High Court order to clear roads as the protesters continued to defy decrees for a third day.

Judicial system should enforce the Constitution

2014-10-24 07:06:16

Improving the judicial system according to the rule of law should include better enforcement of the Constitution, access by lawyers to judge and prosecutor posts, and independent handling of disputes.

Party points way for rule of law

2014-10-24 03:00:17

Govt officials will be given demerit penalties and held accountable if they are found to have interfered in lawsuits. Rule of law must follow China's path

Party's leadership "most fundamental guarantee" for rule of law in China

2014-10-23 21:55:57

The Communist Party of China (CPC) leadership is "the most fundamental guarantee" for comprehensively advancing the rule of law and building a country under the socialist rule of law, leaders said at a key meeting Thursday.

Officials ordered to stop meddling judicial cases

2014-10-23 21:44:16

China will establish a system in which officials will be given demerits or held accountable if they are found interfering in judicial cases.

Rule of law must follow China's path

2014-10-23 21:24:12

History was made at the Fourth Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, because for the first time a Party plenary session discussed the rule of law.

Senior justice official probed in Hunan

2014-10-23 21:08:46

A senior justice official in central China's Hunan Province is under investigation for a suspected discipline violation, said the provincial discipline watchdog on Thursday.

PepsiCo sponsors Tsinghua University to train future biz leaders

2014-10-23 20:45:28

PepsiCo announced on Thursday that it will donate $3 million to the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University, supporting the establishment of the Chair Professorship program and a course on Responsible Corporation.

17 officials punished over worker-villager clash

2014-10-23 20:16:26

One official involved in the land dispute in Kunming city in Southwest China's Yunnan Province has been arrested and another 16 were punished for neglect of duty.

Shelling out on raw materials is simply nuts!

2014-10-23 18:15:18

A worker uses walnut shells as material to manufacture pencil holders shaped like a shoe at an arts and craft factory in Lin'an, East China's Zhejiang province on Oct 23, 2014.

Law firms from US boost HK staffs

2014-10-23 08:37:59

"Hong Kong and Asia weren't traditionally seen as a hot spot for US litigators," said Bradley Klein, an investigations lawyer in Hong Kong. "In the last three to five years, that's changed completely."

'Naked officials' may lose shot at higher office

2014-10-23 07:56:44

Guangdong province plans to bar officials who have spouses and children living overseas from playing leading roles in government departments, public institutions, people's organizations and State-owned and State-held enterprises.