Canadian PM meets Alibaba's Jack Ma for SME growth

2014-11-07 21:28:50

Visiting Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited Alibaba Group, a Chinese e-commerce company based in Hangzhou on Friday. Harper arrived in Hangzhou Thursday to start an official visit to China at the invitation of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

China intensifies protection for Siberian tigers

2014-11-07 16:24:26

China is ramping up protection efforts for Siberian tigers increasingly roaming the China-Russia border.

Mexico cancels Chinese bullet train deal

2014-11-07 14:34:06

President Enrique Pena Nieto abruptly withdraws $3.7 billion deal with Chinese-led consortium to bring the first high-speed rail line to Latin America.

China's wealthy look to make 'social impact' on education

2014-11-07 14:16:13

It's called social impact investing, and in China a group of entrepreneurs intends to use the unique type of financing and problem solving approach to help improve education.

China's coal solution could be in steam

2014-11-07 14:16:13

China's need for energy efficiency is on the rise, and one US multinational sees its new heat-recycling technology as a way to help reduce the reliance on coal in the world's second-largest economy.

Young students seek a different class of education

2014-11-07 08:42:06

An increasing number of Chinese children are being sent overseas to study at a young age, as their parents look to expand their horizons and opportunities, as Zhao Xinying reports.

Painting skill brings inner calm

2014-11-07 08:34:04

As a child, Phuntsog Norbu would spend much of his time drawing. Most of his illustrations were cartoons.

Companies do part to clean air

2014-11-07 07:44:34

Companies in Beijing and surrounding regions have stepped up their efforts to reduce the emission of air pollutants to maintain blue skies during the APEC meetings.

France to assist hunt for corrupt officials

2014-11-07 04:55:23

The French government will assist the Chinese judiciary by confiscating the illegal assets many corrupt officials have transferred to France.

Xi orders change in oversight of army

2014-11-07 04:15:57

China's top military body took over the People's Liberation Army auditing office on Thursday, Xinhua News Agency reported.

New fund finances modern Silk Road

2014-11-07 03:52:04

China has established a fund to finance infrastructure projects along the land-based and maritime Silk Roads, a major step forward under a national strategy to revive the centuries-old trading routes connecting Asia and Europe.

HK chief executive to attend APEC meeting

2014-11-06 20:41:04

Hong Kong Chief Executive C Y Leung will leave for Beijing on Saturday to attend the Asia- Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2014 Leaders' Week and other related meetings.