Li arrives in Germany, first leg of Europe trip

2014-10-09 22:52:00

Premier Li Keqiang arrived in Berlin on Thursday afternoon, the first leg of his three-country trip that will last until Oct 18.

Over 1,800 new dengue cases reported in south China

2014-10-09 21:40:58

A total of 1,826 new cases of dengue were confirmed in south China's Guangdong Province on Wednesday, local authorities said on Thursday.

China voices 'zero tolerance' against terrorism

2014-10-09 09:42:30

A Chinese envoy said on Wednesday that China maintains a "zero-tolerance" stance against terrorism.

Domestic company's dengue fever test approved

2014-10-09 09:40:25

A test for the virus that causes dengue fever has been approved for use and is expected to help meet the high demand in the fight against the mosquito-borne disease in parts of China.

Beijing police target rising Internet crime across 900,000 sites

2014-10-09 09:39:43

Beijing police have detained more than 30,000 people in the past three years in crackdowns against Internet crime.

Anti-corruption campaign shows broad power of NDRC officials

2014-10-09 09:38:30

The central government's crackdown on corruption has hit hardest against the National Development and Reform Commission, with 19 officials from the State agency placed under investigation.

Prison uses video chat as part of transparency drive

2014-10-09 09:37:23

A prisoner in Guangdong province saw his mother for the first time in three years last month as he chatted to her over a video link.

Beijing issues smog alert

2014-10-09 07:54:07

Beijing issued the first yellow alert for air pollution since the beginning of July with smog forecast to continue for the next three days.

Wooden homes help keep quake casualty figures down

2014-10-09 07:46:03

Wooden houses spared an earthquake-prone area in Yunnan province from a higher number of casualties following a quake on Tuesday night.

Watchdog bans broadcasts of works by tainted stars

2014-10-09 07:32:24

China's top press and media watchdog has ordered TV stations and other outlets to stop broadcasting material featuring stars who use drugs or visit prostitutes.

Lack of doctors hampers reform

2014-10-08 07:58:57

Up-and-coming private hospitals in China's overburdened public healthcare system are trying to cure a shortage of doctors, which could dent the country's reform drive.

Long-missing vice-mayor arrested

2014-10-08 07:41:33

The vice-mayor of Luoyang, Henan province, has been detained by police and will be transferred to prosecutors amid allegations that he was involved in corruption and abuse of power, provincial authorities said on Tuesday.

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