Beijing deputy party chief under probe for 'disciplinary violations'

2015-11-11 13:52:26

Lyu Xiwen is the first municipal-level official in the city to be investigated since the central government stressed its resolve to tackle corruption.

90m more to be eligible for 2nd child

2015-11-11 08:56:34

The number of women in China eligible to have a second child will jump by more than 90 million when the latest family planning policy is adopted, with half of the additional women falling between 40 and 49 years of age, according to China's top health authority.

Smog set to tighten grip on northeast

2015-11-10 08:01:35

Thick smog will persist for the next five days in major cities in northeastern China that have seen extremely high air pollution readings since Friday.

Colleges lag in overseas outreach

2015-11-10 08:06:39

A research team sampled 112 top universities in Project 211, which was initiated in 1995 by the Ministry of Education to help national key universities and colleges raise their research standards.

Eleven-year-old girl donates organs to save six people

2015-11-10 10:31:48

Parents chose to donate the organs of their daughter, 11, to put an end to her suffering from myasthenia gravis and save people in need. The operation took place at Wujing Hospital in Beijing on Tuesday.

Ex-SOE head's death penalty overturned

2015-11-10 08:01:51

After a two-year review, the Supreme People's Court overturned the death sentence and ordered a retrial for the former head of a State-owned enterprise who was accused of taking bribes and embezzling gold and silver worth millions of yuan.

Debate lingers over impact of meeting

2015-11-09 07:03:21

The curtain fell on the landmark meeting between Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, and Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou in Singapore on Saturday.

Former university president on trial for bribery, embezzlement

2015-11-09 11:26:31

Zhou Wenbin, former president of Nanchang University, stood trial Monday on bribery and embezzlement charges in Nanchang People's Intermediate Court in East China's Jiangxi province.

Cross-border contraband triples in Beijing

2015-11-09 13:35:39

China's huge online shopping festival, Singles Day, is Wednesday, and authorities have found that the amount of contraband found in cross-border online shopping shipments to Beijing in October rose as much as three times from the previous month.

For many mothers, new proposal adds pressure

2015-11-09 07:53:54

The relaxation of the family planning policy might be good news for parents who yearn for a bigger family, but it adds pressure on some women who are reluctant to suffer the pain of giving birth again.

Money woes hobble anti-AIDS groups

2015-11-09 08:51:05

Private organizations committed to HIV/AIDS control are heading into another cold winter without the support of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, which pulled out of China in 2011.

Autism incidence higher than expected

2015-11-09 08:28:49

Four in every 1,000 children aged 6 to 12 in China have autism, an incidence that experts say is higher than expected.