More people around world like China, survey finds

2015-06-26 07:51:46

More people from around the world now have a positive opinion about China, although China's Asian neighbors view the United States more favorably.

118 fake universities exposed by education website

2015-06-26 07:14:20

A Chinese university information website has identified and released a list of 118 fake universities from China's 25 provinces and regions including Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangsu.

Senior Tibet official under graft probe

2015-06-26 10:52:58

Le Dake, deputy head of the legislature of Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, is being investigated for alleged serious violation of discipline and law, the CCDI said on Friday.

GMO corn could see industrialized planting in 3 to 5 years

2015-06-26 14:28:58

Backers of GMO corn are pushing for security certification from Chinese government authorities. If approved, GMO corn could be industrially planted in as little as three years, according to

Child traffickers face tougher penalties

2015-06-25 06:45:19

Human traffickers are likely to face tougher penalties, and the list of punishable terrorist activities is set to be expanded.

Reports of harmful material online mostly involve sex

2015-06-25 09:11:26

The monthly number of reports of harmful online material received by China's cyberspace watchdog broke 1 million for the first time in May, and sexually oriented material was the No 1 offender.

Pollution goals to get rigorous assessments

2015-06-25 07:47:53

China will strengthen supervision of the government's air pollution control efforts and require the timely release of city assessment data, according to the second draft of new regulations.

Celebrities not immune in the war on narcotics

2015-06-25 07:36:01

Arrests of actors and singers on drug-related offenses show that those in China's entertainment industry are not immune to prosecution.

Public interest to get new ally in pilot project

2015-06-25 07:47:53

Prosecuting departments in 13 cities and regions will be given the green light to file charges in defense of the public interest in broader areas, especially in cases of serious environmental damage.

Xi points way for Sino-US ties

2015-06-24 04:25:45

President Xi Jinping's message to his American counterpart Barack Obama comes as Vice-Premier Liu Yandong meets Vice-President Joe Biden.

Xi eyes 'even better' China-Belgium relationship

2015-06-24 00:05:57

Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with King Philippe of Belgium on Tuesday afternoon, looking forward to "even better" ties between the two nations.

Smugglers arrested with frozen meat that is 40 years old

2015-06-24 06:51:36

Some of the confiscated smuggled frozen meat is far older than the given expiration dates suggest, with some being more than 40 years old.