Debate grows over reproductive rights

2015-08-11 07:57:32

Sociologist Li Yinhe advocates creating policy that gives single women same privileges as married ones to freeze their eggs for use in the future.

Action to be taken as HIV cases among students rise

2015-08-11 07:57:32

Health authorities nationwide were told on Monday to improve coordination with their education counterparts and tell schools regularly of HIV infection among their students to better fight increasing cases of the disease.

China bans immoral songs online

2015-08-11 08:01:11

The Ministry of Culture released a blacklist of 120 immoral songs and ordered relative units to remove them.

New appraisal standards to gauge environmental harm

2015-08-11 07:57:32

China is reforming the way compensation is determined for environmental damage as legal cases involving pollution are increasing quickly and unified national assessment standards are needed, experts said.

Central heating project starts construction in roof of the world

2015-08-11 11:36:46

A central heating project began construction in Ngari prefecture, the highest region in Southwest China's plateau region of Tibet, on Monday.

International applied mathematics council meets in Beijing

2015-08-11 11:36:01

The International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics opened in Beijing on Monday, with Vice-President Li Yuanchao attending the opening ceremony.

Beijing phases out old vehicles

2015-08-11 11:02:47

Beijing has phased out more than 217,000 vehicles with excessive exhaust emissions in the first seven months of the year, reaching the annual target five months ahead.

One-third white-collars work 5 extra hours a week

2015-08-11 09:20:50

Over half of Chinese white-collar workers sit all day in offices without getting any exercise, and one-third work an extra five hours a week, according to a survey by

Girl's suicide for failing to get scholarship sparks discussion

2015-08-11 09:14:49

A girl from Northeast China's Jilin province, has sparked heated debate online after reportedly attempting suicide for failing to be awarded a first-class scholarship.

Statement by Abe to offer an 'apology'

2015-08-11 07:21:54

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is expeced to include the words "apology" and "aggression" on the 70th anniversary of the end of World War WWII.

Country's first bishop ordained in 3 years

2015-08-11 07:04:03

The Catholic diocese in Anyang, Henan province, has ordained the country's first Catholic bishop recognized by China's religious authorities and the Roman Catholic Church.

Govt encourages people to work 4.5 days a week

2015-08-11 14:30:55

The Chinese government is encouraging people to work 4.5 days a week in a bid to bolster tourism amid the flagging economy.