Landmark pterosaur museum to showcase fossil-rich region

2015-11-04 07:19:09

The country's first pterosaur museum will be established in Hami prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, to display the precious collection of fossils found there, the local government said on Tuesday.

Senior official: US urged not to damage `big picture' of ties

2015-11-03 02:39:32

Yi Xiaoguang, deputy chief of the general staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, on Monday urged the US “not to do things that undermine the big picture of the China-US relationship”.

Building a future on mutual understanding

2015-11-03 08:15:46

Although a mere 2,500 people live in Zhongchuan, a village in Longyan, Xiamen, Fujian province, is proud to be the ancestral home of more than 15,000 overseas Chinese.

Domestic airplane makes its debut

2015-11-03 08:15:04

The C919, China's first domestically developed large passenger aircraft, rolled off the final assembly line in Shanghai on Monday.

Campaign targets bribery by convicts

2015-11-03 08:15:04

Chinese prosecutors have launched a campaign targeting convicts who are wealthy or influential to prevent them from illegally seeking commutation of sentences.

Ex-newspaper chief faces investigation

2015-11-03 07:25:00

Zhao Xinwei, former Party secretary and editor-in-chief of Xinjiang Daily, has been placed under investigation for suspected "serious disciplinary violations".

Chinese prosecutors target 'money for commutation'

2015-11-03 10:26:52

Chinese prosecutors have launched a campaign targeting convicts with money or power that are seeking commutation, parole or non-prison sentences illegally.

New family planning rules are not law yet

2015-11-03 08:15:46

Local and provincial authorities must continue to abide by China's current family planning policy until a new policy allowing all couples to have two children goes into effect after being ratified by legislators, the National Heath and Family Planning Commission said in an online statement issued on Sunday.

UN official lauds childbirth policy

2015-11-03 08:15:46

Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund Babatunde Osotimehin said he hopes the universal two-child policy announced by China last week will lead to the fulfillment of what he characterized as a basic right for all individuals in China to decide freely and responsibly the number, spacing and timing of their children.

Online shoppers finding a lot to complain about

2015-11-03 06:53:11

The number of complaints and disputes related to shopping on the Internet rose sharply and the network has become a breeding ground for counterfeits.

Chinese president meets veteran US diplomats

2015-11-02 22:57:37

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who is leading a US delegation for the fifth meeting of the China-US Track Two High-Level Dialogue in Beijing on Monday.

China and France sign 17 cooperative agreements

2015-11-02 21:58:06

Seventeen documents were signed between Chinese and French government bodies, institutes and companies to enhance cooperation in areas including nuclear energy, aerospace and electricity.